Advice From Models

While writing this eBook I spoke with several experienced and talented models that I’ve worked with. Some were discussions to ask the issues and problems they’ve noticed working with photographers. Several of them I interviewed asking them questions relevant to a new photographer and those I wish I’d known at the start of my journey. Throughout this eBook you’ll see a number of these models directly quoted as Advice from Models. These are the words of models themselves, unedited except for grammar and clarity.

All of the models I’ve worked with provided lessons I’ve shared in this eBook. Several were especially helpful either taking time for interviews or discussion of my ideas during the writing of this eBook.  You'll see direct advice from the following models in the eBook:

Melissa Troutt Melissa Troutt is a fine art nude model working since 2006. She can be found at
Katlyn Lacoste Katlyn Lacoste describes herself as an art model that enjoys skimming the surface of eroticism, and has thorough enjoyment of making shapes with my body and constantly thinking of geometry, long lines, and originality. She has been working for 3 years and I have had over 750 shoots in that time period. She can be found at
Hannah Perez Hanah Perez describes herself to be primarily an art/glamour/fetish model and has been modeling since the fall of 2008. She can be found at
Bree Addams Bree Addams describes herself very experienced, but doesn't like to box herself in as a specific type of model. She feels comfortable with art, fashion, beauty, glamour, and commercial. She can be found at
Nyxon Nyxon describes herself as a bondage/fetish model modeling since late 2008. She can be found at
Keira Grant Keira Grant has been modeling full time for about two and a half years and predominantly considers herself an art model. Her goal as a model is to be involved in the creation of a piece of art – sometimes it may be figural based, classical, or have a hit of fetish or the erotic. You can find her at and her blog at
Brynn Cook Brynn Cook is a full time traveling nude model. She models for a living and travels worldwide to do so. She shoots mainly nudes, but has extensive experience in all areas. She has modeled for over 7 years and can truly say it is her passion. You can find her at

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